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“the cumulative experience I have had of his work and service are quite sufficient for me to say, with certainty, that he is a man of the highest competence, integrity and helpfulness."

Mario Martin - Plumbing, Gas, Heating, Bathrooms, Tiling, Glazing

707 Shadwell Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS17 8ET

07850 971 471  -  0113 273 7197    


Martin Heating and Plumbing Engineers is an approved contractor for senior citizens in Leeds LS17

Mario Martin provides radiator repair and fitting services throughout north Leeds and beyond, including Leeds LS17 and Leeds LS8, as well as Leeds LS22, Wetherby, Collingham, Harewood, Bardsey, Scarcroft, Boston Spa and Thorner and other villages in the vicinity.

A summary of Mario Martin’s radiator services includes:


Radiator bleeding

Radiator replacement

Fitting thermostatic radiator valves

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you managed to solve the ‘mystery’ of my heating system. Thanks once again.”

SRK, Leeds LS17


MDH, Leeds LS17

"Our fittings supplier let us down...

which of course impacted on Mr Martin's schedule, but he was more concerned by the inconvenience to us and organised the supply of the items himself without complaint, saying it was no trouble."

Installing larger or double radiators need not

necessarily increase fuel costs.  Modern

radiators are energy-efficient, and fitting

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TVRs) to each

radiator will also save energy and therefore

fuel bills. TVRs enable the temperature in

each room to be adjusted to the most

comfortable level.

Central heating radiators can suffer a variety of problems, from knocking sounds which may indicate that trapped air needs to be released from the system, to uneven heat on a single radiator. If the bottom of the radiator is hot but the top is cold, the radiator may just need bleeding to let out trapped air.


Award-winning Leeds plumber Mario Martin offers a radiator bleeding service, and if the radiators are inefficient or broken, Mario is also qualified to replace the radiator system.  If the radiators have not been replaced for many years, it is a good opportunity to re-assess the family’s current needs.  For instance, the arrival of new children or grandchildren may prompt a change from traditional radiators to Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators for safety reasons, whilst changing from a single to

a double radiator, particularly in rooms which

face north, can make the environment feel

more comfortable.

Many of Mario Martin's clients are senior citizens - see Approved Contractor for more details

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