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Leeds plumber and gas engineer Mario Martin Eng Tech LCGI MCIPHE RP



As can be seen from the Awards page, Leeds plumber Mario Martin has won numerous awards for his expertise in plumbing and gas engineering, coupled with his professional attitude and dedication to raising the standard of the plumbing and heating industry.


Mario's awards are supported by testimonials from clients who have used his plumbing and heating services for many years, and some of these testimonials are published below.  Mario Martin is happy to show the originals to clients on request.


Mario Martin, Leeds LS17, winner of Britain's Favourite Plumber award

"When I moved into my present home some years ago and needed the services of a plumber, I asked friends in the area to recommend someone.  Not one, but several friends strongly and warmly suggested that I should get in touch with Mr Martin.


Over the years Mario Martin has dealt with the usual cries for help, from leaks and flooded floors to a new sink.


Arising from a stroke and recurring TIA attacks, I have now increasing mobility and bathing difficulties.  He has just completed the conversion of my bathroom into a shower room.  Apart from the retiling, the choice of shower and chair, wc wash hand basin were made with great care and thought.


Every task has been dealt with efficiently, but more importantly, without fuss, upset and with tremendous good humour.


I too am now more than happy to give his name to friends.  In fact he is now a friend, not just a friend when needed."


PW, Leeds LS17

"My house, built in 1899, provides a demanding source of problems for any plumber/heating engineer.  In the 13 years I have been fortunate to use Mr Martin’s services I have gained first hand knowledge of his ability.  No task is too small, too large or too onerous.  He is always immediately accessible, even on Bank Holidays, and attends every situation with professional dedication such that I have never had cause to regret our association.  I cannot speak too highly of his expertise, his unfailing good humour and the feeling that he always leaves of a job well done.  He exemplifies the very best of British Craftsmanship and this, allied to his conscientious approach to his customer’s problems together with an extremely pleasant personality give him an outstanding and well deserved reputation in this city. He would be difficult, if not impossible, to replace."

"I have known Mario Martin for about thirty years, initially as one of his secondary school teachers and latterly as a customer.  During this time I have always found Mario to be appropriately ambitious, trustworthy and very hardworking.  These attributes have helped him to establish a thriving plumbing and heating engineering business that relies very much on personal recommendation.  It is no surprise to me that these recommendations have helped him to build up a long list of satisfied clients who continue to use his technical expertise time after time.  It is the willingness of his customers to commend his work, coupled with his skill and personable manner that has justifiably earned him national acclaim in recent years.

"As Leeds Branch Secretary for The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, along with my colleagues, it has been a pleasure to know Mario who for years has been an active part of our Institute in particular working for the Branch as a member of the Management Committee.  


Throughout the Institute, Mario is now recognized at National level as a very skilled craftsman who is highly qualified and competent in all aspects of plumbing. Indeed we were very proud at Leeds Branch when Mario won the very prestigious National Award to become “Britain’s Favourite Plumber”.  This was well deserved and recognizes a person who is outstanding in plumbing and someone who constantly dedicates his work to achieving the highest possible standards.


We know Mario uses his expertise to ensure that his customers have the highest quality service and standards incorporating the principles of Plumbing & Heating Engineering for the purpose of enhancing the safety and health of the public.


In brief, a high quality respected

Plumber at the top of his profession."



The Chartered Institute of Plumbing

and Heating Engineering, Leeds Branch

"Mario has been an outstanding representative of the plumbing industry through his persistent work in raising standards and applying them in his role as a Sole Proprietor plumbing contractor.  This dedication to duty is unusual in today’s society and he has been a worthy winner of several national awards for his service to the general public.  I have witnessed Mario develop these aspects of his working life over many years."

"Over a period of several years, I have had occasion to ask Mr Martin to do various central heating maintenance, plumbing repairs and alterations in

my home.


While none of these jobs have been of major extent, the cumulative experience I have had of his work and service are quite sufficient for me to say, with certainty, that he is a man of the highest competence, integrity and helpfulness.


He has responded promptly to requests for help in emergency coming late at night or at other anti-social hours, and he has always been cheerful, helpful and obliging.  He is always reliable as to time of arrival, keeping one informed if another work overrun has necessitated delays, and a clean, quick but careful and tidy worker.


Work done by him is of the highest standard, technical and regulatory matters are well explained, and available components readily discussed to ensure suitability, and customer satisfaction after the work is done.  Thus his advice is sound and clearly expressed, often with alternative solutions set out, as appropriate, and samples of fittings provided before final choices are asked for.


His business practice has always been good.  Estimates, where requested have been clear and later billed in accordance with agreed amounts, and only after the work was completed to the agreed specification, in every case.


I have learned to know that if I have a problem in his field, I can safely rely on him for a satisfactory solution, and consequently, I can recommend him, absolutely, and without hesitation."

Mario Martin, Leeds, winner of Domestic Installer of the Year award heart icon

Mario Martin is presented with the award for Britain's Favourite Plumber.

See Awards for details of all the

prizes and awards which Mario has won.

"... his customers have the highest quality service and standards..."

"... an outstanding representative of the plumbing industry..."

Mario Martin carries out plumbing and heating for senior citizens in Leeds LS17

"I cannot speak too highly of his expertise ... he would be difficult, if not impossible, to replace..."

"Every task has been dealt with efficiently ... without fuss, upset

and with tremendous good humour."

"...he is a man of the highest competence, integrity and helpfulness.  I can recommend him ... without hesitation"

"...thoroughly professional ... pleasant personality, good sense of humour and clear understanding that his customers deserve the very best service and attention"

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"I have no hesitation in commending him to you"

Mario Martin is an Approved Contractor for a number of organisations.  Further recommendations can be found on the Approved Contractor page.

"We have known Mario Martin, as customers, for more than 15 years.  Throughout that time we have found him to be efficient and reliable.  He has always done a good job and when he has given a time or date to do a job, he has arrived at that time and/or date, a quality which is not as common amongst tradesmen as it used to be.  If you have a problem, Mario will look in, make it safe and assess what is required quickly and at inconvenience to himself.


Not only is he reliable, he is honest and completely trustworthy.  We have no hesitation in leaving him in the house or giving him a key to let himself into the house and lock up when he is working for us.  That is a great comfort in these busy days when arranging convenient times can be so difficult.


It is a pleasure to recommend Mario as a tradesman and as a man."

"Not only is he reliable, he is honest and completely trustworthy."



MH, Leeds LS17

ML, Leeds LS17

I have been a customer for a number of years and he has carried out work in my home on many occasions.  He always arrives on time and takes great care to protect carpets and furniture when working indoors.  He is very adept at finding solutions to potentially difficult technical problems and is very methodical when developing pipework systems and designing layouts to meet particular requirements.  I have been impressed not only by his technical expertise but also by his design sense.  He appreciates that plumbing and heating layouts must not only be technically effective but, when on view, they must also be aesthetically pleasing.  His work is always notable for the high standard of presentation.

These skills have also created a demand for his services as a tutor and mentor.  He has acted as a visiting instructor at the local College of Building and is pleased to pass on his expertise and knowledge of the craft to others.


I have no hesitation in commending him to you not only because he is thoroughly professional but also for his pleasant personality, good sense of humour and for his clear understanding that his customers deserve the very best service and attention when he undertakes a contract."

HT, Leeds


Mario Martin - Plumbing, Gas, Heating, Bathrooms, Tiling, Glazing

707 Shadwell Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS17 8ET

07850 971 471  -  0113 273 7197